UBFSA, The Way Forward on 14 Percent Increase

The University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association after being formally re-registered as a legally recognized body continue negotiations on a 14% salary increase. Earlier this month, executive of the UBFSA wrote to the President of the University requesting that he make contact with Government and advocate on their behalf. This followed former discussions with the president where he indicated to the association executive that there is no money to entertain a 14% increase for the teachers and staff. The President of the University, in a letter dated the 20th of vlcsnap-2015-11-03-12h15m50s11October, wrote to the interim president of the UBFSA Harrison Flowers saying he had sent a letter to the Ministry of Education to seek guidance in this matter. Flowers told us more.


Harrison Flowers, Interim President, UBFSA: We wrote the president and he responded. We asked him if he can open dialogue with anybody in government who is directly responsible to negotiate salary increase for Ub workers. He responded to us with a response saying that he will open negotiations. He sent a letter to the CEO of Ministry of Education. Technically, it’s a sign of good faith that he has open negotiations with the CEO. I met with the executive, and also we are formulating a letter to ask him for a copy of that letter that was sent to the CEO, and also we would like to investigate other people who are directly responsible to negotiate with us, so in our letter that we’re formulating now, we will ask to meet with the board of course and also the board can open discussing with the minster.

Flowers said the association is the process of becoming unionized and in fact they have been consulting with other unions including PSU, CWU and the BNTU in the hopes of seeking guidance in this matter.

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