UDP aspirant confident in Orange Walk East victory

On Tuesday we reported on the results of the PUP convention in Orange Walk East, which selected incumbent town councilor Josue Carballo by 14 votes over former area representative Dave Burgos. Just 150 less voters came out for the PUP event than the number who came out to elect Elodio Aragon Jr. the UDP candidate last year.

However the aspirant says he is not concerned, and is working to ensure victory in the upcoming municipal and future general elections.


Elodio -Aragon Junior – UDP Candidate for Orange Walk East

“You have to realize you had David Burgos and you had Josue Carballo who ran.  These were two people who really went at it all out.  I must commend then for that. But at the end of the day, I always look and believe in the people.  I always believe that the work that we do will let people understand and know who is the better candidate for the area.

I always believe that your work precedes you, but of course we can never take things for granted.  I do not take things for granted.  I’m an old Police Officer.  I’ve always believed never take things for granted.

The work that we are doing right now,  meeting the people etcetera, I do believe that the United Democratic Party has the support in Orange Walk East.  Only time will tell, but I am confident in the people.  I am confident in what I do. I’m confident to know that Orange Walk Town, especially in the UDP  7 Team, that is going around right now campaigning, I am confident that they will bring about a vote for the UDP, in terms of looking at the Municipal Elections.” 


Incumbent Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez steps down at the end of this term due to medical reasons.

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