UDP confident of 4th consecutive win come General Elections

As we have said, the UDP have won the majority of the seats for these municipal elections, however, the loss in Belize City ha been particularly stinging. Even so, at today’s post election press briefing, the UDP Party Leader says that they are confident that come the next General Election, they will win a fourth consecutive term in office.
Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize:
In terms of Belize City, only because they are 10 seats here of course they count as one municipality, its equality to you. They don’t have any more in terms of when we are doing the additions. They do not count for anything more than the other municipalities count for, but looking ahead to the general elections, we had 6 out of 10. They were able, in terms of the municipal elections, to creep up ladies and gentlemen in talking to you. I’ve been serious, I have been jocular as well. I want to close now by telling in deadly Ernest . The United Democratic Party is so confident of its record of service during these last 10 years is so absolutely certain that it will continue in the time that’s left until its General elections to consolidate and expand on that record of service. We are so positive about all this that we feel completely convinced that we can and will win a 4th General election.


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