UDP Rural Central delegate who lost job over convention vote tries to protest

There was an attempt at a demonstration outside the office of Hon. Beverly Castillo in Ladyville today. Ingrid Hernandez claims she was let go from her job at the constituency office of UDP Minister of State and Belize Rural Central area representative Honorable Beverly Castillo – because she allegedly supported Patrick Faber for first deputy leader over Castillo’s preference, John Saldivar. In a social media post made on Tuesday afternoon, Hernandez, who says she has been working at the office and as a campaigner for Castillo for over a year,  vents over the termination, saying that for her service she received a kick in the backside, after allegedly quote “taking insults from people and even had others turn their back on me for the cause of politics,” end quote. She added, quote, “the bothersome thing is that it is one party,” end quote. Today Hernandez and some supporters attempted to demonstrate outside Castillo’s constituency office in Ladyville, but the group did not have a permit to protest and were reduced to picketing a short distance away before dispersing. Honorable Castillo, a first-term representative who unseated Dolores Balderamos Garcia last November, has declined comment.vlcsnap-2016-06-03-11h38m33s899 vlcsnap-2016-06-03-11h38m42s652




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