UDP says they have tape of John Briceno confessions on PUP corruption

The United Democratic Party issued a press release today titled,“Former PUP Party Leader John Briceno Confesses to Mass Corruption During 1998 – 2008 PUP Administration”  The release says that for several  weeks now, there have been reports coming from within the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) that an audio recording existed of damning comments made by former PUP Leader vlcsnap-2015-02-05-05h36m38s32

John Briceno about corruption in the 1998 – 2008 Musa/Fonseca Administration. The release says that officials of the UDP have listened to the contents of this audio recording where Mr. Briceno is heard to   “confirm multiple mass corruption schemes during the Musa/Fonseca era including, as he put it, “the robbery of tens of millions of dollars” with such schemes as the St. James Credit Union loans, the Intelco bankruptcy, Social Security loans and guarantees, the sale and re-sale of BTL involving Ashcroft and Prosser, the US dollar/Yen Swap, the accommodation agreement, the giveaway of Belize Bank taxes, among others.” The UDP press release also says that Mr. Briceno was not just a spectator in the Musa/Fonseca period but was the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize and the Deputy Party Leader of the PUP and so Mr. Briceno knows exactly what he is talking about.  The UDP believes that the Briceno tape is the most compelling evidence ever of the sweeping corruption and decay that permeated, at the highest levels, the PUP Administration and Party.  The release ends by saying that “Most of the players in the Musa/Fonseca Administration continue to hold senior positions in the PUP today, a clear indication that the Party has not changed.” Plus News has gotten a copy of that recording which sounds like the voice of Briceño but Plus News has no confirmation. We will play a clip of the 9 minute long audio recording. 

Tape Translation 

But what has happened is that Francis has not worked to receive the support of the people…so right now the party is in disarray. why? because…they are saying that i need to take over the party. Not because I really want to… I don’t need it. Julian you haven’t asked but right now for me everything is going better than ever before.

As we said we have no indication that the man in the recording is Briceño although it does sound like him.



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