UDP wins majority of municipal seats; PUP gains ground

Municipal Elections 2018 are over and there have been some changes. Going into the elections, the UDP held 8 of the 9 municipalities. Following the counting of the votes yesterday, March 7, the UDP still has control over the majority of the municipalities but the PUP has made some significant gains. The only municipality that the PUP had control of previously was Orange Walk. PUP now has control over three municipalities. It retained Orange Walk but gained Corozal and Belize City. The UDP now  has control over only 5 municipalities; San Ignacio, Benque, Punta Gorda, Belmopan, and San Pedro. Dangriga has a split council with a UDP Mayor, 5 UDP councilors and 1 PUP councilor. UDP now holds 41 of 67 municipal seats. PM Barrow says despite the challenges, the UDP has done very well.

Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize: Going forward, we are energized by the fact that this juncture, not withstanding it’s tenure nor notwithstanding what we call voters fatigue, nor notwithstanding the difficulties. We have encountered the blows, we have withstood some of them. Some of these browse to some extent, self-inflicted. We are not just encouraged, we are fired up that in the face of those sorts of odds in the context of that kind of milieu the United Democratic Party has done so wonderfully well in yesterday’s election.

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