UK Couple Alleges Beach Front Hustle

On the 23rd of April, 2015, a retired couple from England spoke to some media houses alleging that they were hustled out of tens of thousands of dollars by the lands Department after their property was devalued. Sydney Higgins and Anna Higgins fell in love with Caye Caulker a few years ago and decided to spend their retirement money on purchasing a beachfront property in the North of the island at a cost of $240 thousand dollars Belize. They fenced the property and were getting ready to develop, however in 2012 they discovered that another property lot had popped up in front of them, blocking their access to the shoreline. That alone significantly devalued their assets incurring them about $85 thousand dollars in loss according to the former chairman of Caye Caulker Alberto Villanueva, who also spoke to the media yesterday. What’s more, the surveyed land in front of the Higgins’s and other beach front properties alike sits on the beach reserve and the seabed. A big “No No” for the legislation that governs the crown land since beach reserves are primarily for the access and enjoyment of the general public. Indeed the 2005 version of the map says beach reserve, but the 2015 version has another parcel of land. In response to these allegations, the commissioner of Lands Wilbert Vallejos sent out a press release today in which he stated that, quote,“in accordance with the legislation that governs National Land, the policy of the Lands and Surveys Department makes provisions for the allowance of a beach reserve for public access that precedes any property line. Any and all crown land that adjoins such reserve is subject to distribution or further reservation by the Minister responsible for Lands.” The release went on to say that the Ministry has launched a full investigation into the allegations made yesterday regarding the matter where surveys may have included the beach reserve but according to the Ministry,“Preliminary investigation suggests that the beach reserve has not been compromised. However, the results of the full ongoing investigation will provide confirmation or otherwise.”that is considering that beachfront front owners in Caye Caulker have been queering the Ministry about this same issue since 2012. The English couple is represented by attorney Andrew Bennett vlcsnap-2015-04-27-09h23m55s119 vlcsnap-2015-04-27-09h23m50s68

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