Undercover Police make three arrests in drug sting operation

Cops made three arrests after they went undercover in a drug sting operation. Last week, GSU officers posed as thugs, went to purchase weed in the Mile 8 community on the George Price Highway and busted the dealers. Police say that 21 year old Shawn Mckay supplied seventy-nine grams of cannabis to one of their officers, while the two others, 32 year old Angel Dorado and a minor supplied ten grams of the drug. Dorado and the minor were jointly charged with possession of a Control Drug with Intent to Supply a controlled drug. They pleaded not guilty and were offered bail of five thousand dollars. They were both able to meet bail and are to return to court in May. But their accomplice, Mckay, did not have such a quick walk through court. Mckay was charged with Abetment to the Commission of a Crime, to Wit, the Supplying of Drugs to another. And when he was arraigned last week, Mckay pleaded guilty, even though he denies that the bust even took place. The reason he pleaded guilty, he says, is because he would not be able to make bail. But the Magistrate wasn’t having it, explaining to him that his plea could not be accepted, since he denies the incident ever happened. And so, the Magistrate entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. Mckay was then offered a five thousand dollar bail plus surety of the same amount.

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