Unexpected death in Libertad

 Corozal Police are baffled over the sudden death of 79 year old Belizean unemployed of Libertad Village Corozal District George Trapp who was found dead at 2:15 pm on Saturday March, 2015 in his own backyard. According to police investigations at about 6 am on that same day Trapp’s grandson 20 year old Lenard Logan of Libertad Village went to look for a bicycle wheel at Trapp’s house. That was the time he was last seen alive. At about 2 pm on that same afternoon Trapp’s nephew 23 year old Roberto Chan of the same village went to visit his uncle. When he could not find him inside the house, Chan went behind the house where he discovered the motionless body of his uncle George Trapp. The body was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital and while police could not find any signs of violence, just what lead to Trapp’s sudden and unexpected death is something for the coroners to determine.

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