UNIBAM and supporters apparently high jack Channel 5 poll

UNIBAM and its supporters apparently high jacked a channel 5 poll today. Now internet polling has never been considered scientific in any regard but, they may still offer some idea as to where a specific population is headed. The poll question on the channel 5 website is “Do you support  decriminalizing sodomy” .  When we  last checked the  polls  at 5:50 pm, the “no’s” were still in the lead but by an extremely slim margin, 51% saying no and a whopping 49% saying yes to decriminalizing sodomy in Belize. That may have something to do with a step by step instruction that was circulated on how to beat the channel 5 poll. This image was sent to us of a Facebook thread where UNIBAM members and supporters were outlining the steps needed to spike the results in its favor. As we said, these online polls are not very reliable, but having said that, there may be something to the fact that all of the previous online polls by different media houses on this sodomy issue, have resulted in a resounding “no” to the change of the law. Channel 5 was informed of the breach but we do not know f they still intend to report the poll results as an honest assessment.

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