Unidentified Cayo man died from trauma by blunt instrument

On Tuesday we told you about a Salvadoran man known only as Alex, who was found clinging to life inside a house in San Ignacio. Police have still not been able to identify Alex X but they have now ruled his death as a murder.

According to the post mortem examination, the cause of death was certified to be ‘Subarachnoid hemorrhage due to multiple trauma believed to be caused by a blunt type of instrument.’

Sometime around 9:30 and 11:30 on Saturday December 6th,  Alex was socializing with some friends on Awe Street, in San Ignacio. He left shortly after and was not seen again, until he was discovered at around 4:00 am on Sunday morning by 22 year old Dennis Guzman, inside a house at Coyoc Street, San Ignacio, in a semi unconscious state.

Dennis Guzman told us that he had known Alex X for only a month and a half, and had allowed him to lodge with him temporarily at his house, but didn’t know much about the man himself, not even his last name.

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