United Christian Women’s Alliance Belize holds “Conference for Life”

The  newly formed United Christian Women’s Alliance Belize will be hosting its first event, “Conference For Life” this coming Saturday. It’s a full day of presentations on the topic of abortion; from legal, spiritual, medical, social and modern perspectives. It will also be looking at the issue of sexual and reproductive health. Shalwa Leslie is a founding member of WALL.

Shalwa Leslie – Founding member of WALL:

vlcsnap-2013-08-16-13h58m04s177The conference is about life.  We the women of Belize would like the world to know that we have a voice, and that as nurturers we are concerned about  level in our country.

We’re going to have an area where you can receive ministry.  So while yopu’re going there to learn the legal issues, the spiritual issues, we’re also going to be there to minister to you privately. So you don’t just come there top be educated about the legal and spiritual aspects of it,   but rather you can also receive, or start to receive, restoration from it, that day.

Shalwa Leslie says the conference is long overdue.

Shalwa Leslie – Founding member of WALL:

vlcsnap-2013-08-16-13h32m20s89It is long overdue.  The women of Belize have decided to step forward to let the country know that we have a voice, that we have something to say.  The Genderr Policy places an emphasis on Sexual and Reproductive Health.     When you think about that it may sound wonderful, but it’s actually just an umbrella name, a cover-up, [for a group] that wants to legalize abortion for adolescents.  Adolescents, if you did not know, starts from the age of ten years old.    Children at that age should not be making those decisions at all.  They need to be educated.  Hence the reason why the Conference is encouraging adolescent children at ten years old to attend, so that they can be educated.  It’s important to educate our population.  If we are not educated, then we can be made fools of.  The women of Belize do not want to be made fools of.  We are going to educate our population, and we are going to do it at all costs.

Persons interested in attending the event can contact WALL on their Facebook page under the United Christian Women’s Alliance Belize or contact numbers 668-5883 or 601-2154. Tickets are $15.00, inclusive of lunch. The event is on Saturday, August 17th, from 9am to 3pm at the George Price Center.

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