United States’ Southern Partnership Station Program 2014 Kicks Off

The United States’ Southern Partnership Station Program 2014 in Belize officially began on Sunday when the Military Sealift Command joint high-speed vessel, USNS Spearhead, arrived at the Port of Big Creek on Sunday morning.

Sailors disembarked the vessel to begin Southern Partnership Station which is designed to strengthen civil and maritime capabilities with regional partner nations in the Caribbean. Our Colleagues at PGTV spoke with Captain Sam Hancock of USNS Spearhead.

vlcsnap-2014-06-02-20h18m32s47Captain Sam Hancock of U.S. Navy  -Mission Commander for Southern Partnership 2014

“We bring a number force packages: the marines, the Riverine Crews, medical teams, CB’s Construction engineers, we work closely in the police and defense force, the Belize Coast Guard and we do subject-better-expert in changes where we change how we do things to help each other learn and then improve our relationships and our capabilities”.

Reporter:  “We understand that you will be doing work i the Toledo District”.

Captain Sam Hancock:  “Yes, are working in two areas, the  main group will be in Punta Gorda and I think is the First of the Three Divisions.  I think we have almost 100 folks setting a pep.  That is what they have been doing in the past 48 hours”.

vlcsnap-2014-06-02-20h22m18s0During the visit, the officers will meet with Belizean counterparts to discuss and assist with local issues such as port security, professional development, operational risk management, medical readiness, outboard motor maintenance, and patrol craft operations, among other things.

They will also work on various community projects in the communities of Punta Gorda, Belize City, and Ladyville.

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