Unitedville Businessman Robbed at Gunpoint

Red Police Badge Belizevlcsnap-2014-07-01-17h44m41s111A 46-year-old  Slovenian/Naturalized Belizean business man of Unitedville Village, Cayo District reported that at 11:15p.m. on July 2nd,  he was at his business place – Brown Sugar Bar and Grill situated in the village.

Along with him at the time was  his wife and an employee.

Two Creole descent male persons entered the establishment, one armed with what appeared to be a handgun and demanded their belongings.

The men then took a laptop, a Notebook Tablet, jewelry and cell phones all to a total value of BZ$4,040.

While leaving the area, the men then fired several shots and made their way towards the cemetery.

Police are looking for a man whom they believe can assist in their investigations.

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