Unitedville family loses everything in House Fire

A family in Unitedville has lost their entire home and all its content to a fire.

The incident occurred after midnight on Friday October 10.

Suzan and Michael Flowers are the home owners, and they lived at the home with their four children .

Suzanne says the family was asleep in the two bedroom home when at about 11:30 that night, she got up and made checks on the home. All was well and she went back to bed but about half hour later, she woke up abruptly.


vlcsnap-2014-10-15-09h30m51s41Susan Flowers – Fire Victim

“I got up.  I walked around in the kitchen.  I went to drink some water, played with my phone, send some credits to my husband phone and to my mam and my brother and my dad. 

I went in my room.  I took my phone with me and I was listening to some music on the headphone.  This was like probably 11:30.  I fell asleep about a quarter to twelve. I checked on the boys.  I do that. Every time I wake up, I will go and check in their room.

There was not even a slight hint of fire, no smoke, nothing.

I fell asleep, and in fifteen to twenty minutes after that I just woke up.  I don’t know how I woke up.  I just woke up and saw a bright light in the kid’s room area. 

I guess I must have already been frightened or something.  I didn’t even smell the smoke.  I just realized that there was smoke.  I hurry woke up my husband and I told him, ‘Fire. Fire. There’s fire in the house.’ 

vlcsnap-2014-10-15-09h55m02s192He ran in the boy’s room.  He just brought them out.  He said that one of my son’s bed was already on fire. 

By the time we went downstairs I ran out.  I got all the kids with me and he was trying to out it.  I ran out at the front to out the switch box for the electricity.  There was nothing that we could do to stop it.  We couldn’t even have time to take out nothing.

When we came out, everyone [of my neighbours] was sleeping really hard and that’s not normal.  But when they heard me yelling for him to hold my daughter, because I went to try and out the switch box, because the electricity runs right beside the other neighbour’s house, everyone woke up. 

I don’t know where a lot of people came from, and they tries to out it.  We called the fire engine, but they took a while to come.  So we weren’t able to save nothing.”    


Suzanne believes that if she had awoken just five minutes later, her two sons would have been burned. The Flowers have been living in the home for over three years and it was one of the many homes built by Pastor Ron and Oasis Ministries.  The family has now lost everything in the early morning fire but when we spoke to Suzanne she had a smile on her face and we asked her why.


Susan Flowers

“Well, so far God is a good God.  I’m grateful for our lives were spared.  That’s the most important thing to me.  That’s why I could be smiling.

So far people have been helping us. 

We got three mattresses.  We got some clothes.  So we got a few things. If we could get a stove to cook.  

My uncle told us that we could stay here, but we’re not able to use fire-hearth.  So, it’s not a choice for us to use a fire-hearth.  We’re not able to use it here.  He wants complete safety here.

Anything that people are willing to help us with, [we] would be grateful.  We can’t choose.”


Authorities are unsure of what caused the fire as yet.

Those who wish to assist the Flowers family in any way can reach them at 650-3213 or 668-7376.

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