Unitedville man dies from Killer Bee Attack

A Unitedville man is dead following a bee attack.   On Saturday January 13, 62 year old Omar Cruz was cleaning a portion of his property with his son which is next to the abandoned community health outpost in the village of Unitedville. HE was reportedly using his weed eater when a swarm of Killer bees exited the abandoned building and attacked Cruz and his two dogs.   The son was at the property with his father but was not in the immediate area of the swarm and did not receive the brunt of the attack. Mr Omar remained on the ground for some time until police came to Remove him. he was taken to the Hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition. Mr Cruz succumbed to his injuries over the weekend. Sherlene Myvett is the neighbor and she recounts what happened.

Sherlene Myvett, neighbor

Last week Sunday about one o’clock my good neighbor get stung by bees in his yard while cleaning his yard with a weed eater. He and his dogs a

re now dead. Mr. Omar Cruz was my closest neighbor, a loving neighbor. He was good to all of us in this village and he was a wonderful and loving man.


Now,  what is the house normally used for?

Sherlene Myvett, neighbor

Normally it’s never used for anything it was built there the claim it is a help center but it was never used as a Health Center. It’s now used as a beehive instead, and that beehive is not good for us because it’s killing us now.

Myvett says that the authorities need to rid the house of killer bees because the area is highly trafficked by residents including school children even tourists.

Sherlene Myvett, neighbor

All I know is that he is dead and the bees are still inside the house.  Children go to school in the morning at 8:00 a.m. there are so many children that are passing by . Many people use the road; tourists used the road for the Lower Dover tourist attraction. It’s very dangerous. Why are the bees still in the house? The man is dead and the bees are still in the house.

The chairman of Uniteville is Mr Mike Juan, and as with any small community, everyone feels the loss of Mr Omar Cruz. Chairman Juan says its not the first time they have tried to clear the bees from the building, but he was not aware they had returned this last time

Mr Mike Juan, Unitedville Chairman

I Would say, on behalf me and my family, we would like to give our condolences to Mr. Omar and his entire Benji family because we are good friends. But the place, the house is there it’s abandoned but I always keep it clean. I went once already and almost burnt down the building because of the wasps. But nobody came back and said, chairman, the wasp are in there. because I don’t know!  If someone comes and reports to me I will make sure it happens, you know. But as I said, I did not think that the wasp were there again and no one came and said, chairman, the Wasps are still there.

The Chairman says that they had already contacted the authorities in Government, but if they do not show up today, he will take care of the problem himself.

Mr Mike Juan, Unitedville Chairman

Today I am waiting… I’ve Called already for BAHA and im waiting for someone to come and if they do not come I will get someone privately to come and deal with it and get rid of the Wasp today or tomorrow the latest tomorrow. Ill make sure someone comes and deal with the Was but like I said. if anyone came and had said chairman the Wasp are still there I would have made made the steps and get it done. I always chop the place. I tried to put my best in the village I tried to clean my streets I tried to take care of my cemetery my football stadium, my school yard, chop the riverside, and make sure that everything is intact.

The family of Omar Cruz did not want to appear on Camera as they are still shaken by the sudden ordeal that hit their family. Funeral arrangements will be announced in th next few days.

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