University of Belize Celebrated Earth Day

Today is internationally Recognized as World Earth Day. In commemoration with this special occasion the students of the University of Belize for the 9th year held an open day event to raise awareness to keep the earth clean. Today’s event was held under the theme 10 shades of green. Joaquin Magaña, program coordinator for the Natural Resource Management Program and Marine Biology spoke to us about the importance of recognizing this day.

Joaquin Magaña– Program Coordinator, NRM, UBvlcsnap-2015-04-23-10h05m56s10

“Today is a very important day, not only for the university, but it should be for the country of Belize and for the entire world . Today we try to recognize that we are here on this planet and as citizens of this planet, we need to make sure that we protect, take care and we manage our resources that we have so that we can continue having it for future generations.

Emmanuel Pech – Plus TV Reporter

“Sir, tell me what are some of the activities happening on campus.”

Joaquin Magaña

“Today, we had a number of activities. We have a number of booths being displayed by the NGO’s, by the different organizations that came on board. Actually, we should be having sixteen of them including government offices. We also have fifteen booths from classes and different lecturers that are in charge of these classes. We have lots of games, competitions… right now there are two competitions in progress, the mystery build and the poster competition.”vlcsnap-2015-04-23-10h16m31s77

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