University of Belize Fires Professor Patrick Menzies

University of Belize Fires Professor Patrick Menzies. Mr Menzies is well known within the media circle as a social activist and the UB Lecturer, whose students recently conducted a research which shows that the University of Belize is overcharging students for some courses. This afternoon, Menzies showed up to teach his Management Information Systems class but upon arriving at the Jaguar Building and heading to his Classroom, and upon being advised that the door was locked, Professor Menzies went to the office to get the key, only to learn then that another Lecturer had show up for the same MIS class.

Professor Patrick Menzies:
vlcsnap-2013-06-17-19h38m49s157I showed up for the class and there was another gentleman trying to find the key for the same classroom. So we came downstairs and when we met together in the secretary’s office, He asked for U4 and I said, ‘But I’m in U4.’ I asked ‘What class are you doing?’ He said MIS; I said ‘Well that’s my class.’ He said ‘Well I don’t know what’s going on; I have been here for two weeks.’ So what happens is the secretary calls and says ‘No, Mr. Menzies it’s not your class, we have given it to this other guy. I said ‘Really?’ So I go look for Dr. Urbina and he wasn’t there, so I go to the Provost’s Office, but they were already waiting for me; they expected this. So I get there and who is there? The Provost is there and then she makes all these statements and I will say now live on the media, the reality is 1. She said that I misrepresented her by saying about giving a hardcopy to the President. God as my witness and let God be the judge, she said it, so that’s a lie. 2. She stated that the class was given to this guy one month ago, the guy told me he was just hired two weeks ago. 3. The guy said he was just told this morning that he is teaching the class. They are telling me that they knew one month ago that the guy was teaching the class. So as far as I am concerned, this is what you call – shoot the whistle blower. 

Mr Menzies believe that he is being victimized due to the report which was made public to the media as according to him Herta Gentle who is the University’s Human Resource Manager shared that the case study could have been handled in-house, and didn’t have to come to this.

Professor Patrick Menzies:
Like I told them, I said ‘You know what, up to this point; I had no problem with UB. The problem is that the students at UB are getting knowledge and they apply that knowledge which gives them wisdom, but what you are doing is that you are chastising me now, because my students have applied the knowledge that they have learned.’ They said ‘No, Mr. Menzies, we are looking at the report you did and we looking at how to make it better.’ That’s not the press release they gave and that’s not really they are doing. The reality is this is how they pay for anyone who stands up and goes against them and that’s why I am standing in the front of the building, instead of in my classroom. I went to talk to the guy, just to pull him out of the classroom and said that I have a student here that I have authorized to be an extra in the class, you need to take her. He said okay. He doesn’t even know how it works, he has never taught here. He is brand spanking new, completely, doesn’t even have a book. I had to leave my book there so that he can have a book.

Plus news tried speaking to a representative of the University to get some clarity in the matter but we were told that only the President would be able to comment on this matter, however he’s not in the country. We asked Menzies what’s next for him.

Professor Patrick Menzies:
Yeah, well it just goes send me flying, because reality is, my plan was to have been in the US if I wasn’t here, with my kids. So now everything changes – 1. Your plans are made around things that you decide on and I shared with them – You know something, you guys are very unethical, you are not professionals. I said if I promised to teach this class and I had to leave, I wouldn’t have done it. I would have stayed here and taught the class. But I gave you my word that I would teach the class and now for you to tell me that I am not teaching the class at the last minute, that is disrespectful, unprofessional and if my respect for UB was a 7, it is now at a 2 or a 1. I have no respect for this institution; they are corrupt even at that level, because this is what you would call corruption, or maybe you can call it something else – payback or whistle blower getting shot. I don’t know what you want to call it. Reality though, it will not end here; I am not a dying cockroach, I am not going to turn over and play dead. This will have serious ramifications, serious ramifications.

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