University of Belize Launches Reproductive Health Fair

University of Belize logoIt was all about reproductive health on Wednesday morning at the University of Belize.   A group of 4th year students, for their reproductive class, joined their efforts to promote reproductive health awareness in the UB grounds through education.



vlcsnap-2013-10-24-10h30m50s189Ms. Julie Simpson- Fourth Year Nursing Student

This fair is in promotion of just awareness; it’s just promoting awareness towards reproductive health.   Here we offer pop smears, we have breast cancer checks, self-breast examinations; we have contraceptive awareness, STIs, as well as testing of the Diabetes and hypertension”.

Reporter:  “Tell me the importance of this awareness campaign that you guys are starting up here”.

Ms. Julie Simpson:  “Well, the reason why we consider this to be important is because of the fact that we think that in terms of health, if you are aware, you would do better or you would make it a lot more interesting by you helping yourself, so you would aid in your own health care processes and this just makes you more aware; it gives you more information.   Better information makes you making firm decisions.”

 “We have invited other people such as the Ministry of Health and the Western Regional Hospital and we are hoping that they could assist us in helping the public be aware of the STIs and other diseases out there.”

Reporter:  “Tell me, what is the feedback that you are getting from the people that are coming out here to support you?”

Ms. Julie Simpson:  “Well, actually we are very proud that everybody or most of the UB students, they seem interested in their health because it’s a lot more people than we’ve expected to come, but of course, we here until three.   So, we expect a lot more people to come”.

Mr. Israel Perez- Student Majoring in Biology

vlcsnap-2013-10-24-10h36m10s44“Well, it is very important because it gives us a lot of information, gives us good information first to practice and we could a lot from it”.

Reporter:  “Tell me about your sentiments about the results that you are getting out”.

Mr. Israel Perez- Student:  “It feels real good because like I said earlier, I am learning a lot.   I’m doing a lot of things that I didn’t know, so, I got blood tested and my blood sugar is good.  So, I’m happy about that”.

Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, was also there to lend his support to the cause.

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