Update on Agric Stabbing

On Monday we reported on a stabbing incident which occurred on Saturday May 2nd at the Agric Show grounds. The incident involved 24 year old Dernell Brown, Belizean labourer of Hattieville village. According to reports , Brown was involved in  an altercation which ended up with him being stabbed in the head. Eyewitnesses say the knife went so deep that Brown had to be transported to the hospital with the knife still lodged in his head. Brown died on Monday May 4th. In an interview today, Assistant Superintendent Russell Blackett told us that they might be laying charges for the murder of Brown as early as tomorrow.


Emanuel Pech – Plus T.V Reportervlcsnap-2015-05-07-11h07m43s68

“Police had some leads and they were looking for a couple of people. Where is the investigation at this point?”


ACP Russell Blackett – Head of CIB

” I must say first that it is a very unfortunate incident where again you will find unsupervised children at the age of ten years and sixteen years is out at that time of the night in a group, probably not drinking but some of them were drinking unsupervised. It is an unfortunate incident that started with a simple fight that ended up with someone being killed. So far we have about four persons being questioned in custody. This morning I reviewed, along with the inspector in charge of  this investigation, certain things that he has to clear up before go to defer charges or whatever person of persons will be charged. “


Emanuel Pech

So someone is expected to be charged soon? Today, tomorrow, this week?


ACP Russell Blackett

“Probably by tomorrow. More than likely we will be running some charges.”


Emanuel Pech

”The four individuals?”


ACP Russell Blackett

“We are not sure if before because under law, we have certain criteria when it comes to transparency abetment …. so we must cover whatever points very clearly. We must ensure that we define who did what before the charges.”


Authorities believe that the altercation between the men stemmed from a dispute over a female.

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