Update on Benque murder

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Police have issued a report on the murder of two men in the Cayo District on Thursday. The incident happened just before 2 p.m. on April 28vlcsnap-2016-05-03-11h36m48s112 between miles 69 and 70 on the San Francisco road area off the George Price Highway, Cayo District. The bodies of the two Guatemalan nationals were found on a farm road located about 300 feet off the main road and 30 feet into another feeder road. Inspector Jaime Gonzales tells us more.

Insp. Jaime Gonzalez: We received information of two bodies sighted at this area in San Francisco Road off Benque Viejo Road. We went to the scene and saw the motionless bodies of two Mestizo descent male persons. At the scene we found four expended shells and two slugs. These two persons presented what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the head and both of them were lying face down. At the scene we found a D.P.E., what is considered for them as their identification card. Through that we learnt the identity of one of them to be Santos Ramos vlcsnap-2016-05-03-11h36m45s541Gonzalez Gomez, fifty-two years old of Barrio El Champerito, Melchor De Mencos, Peten. With the assistance of the Guatemalan Consul, we established he identity of the second person to be Orlando Antonio Garcia Calletal, thirty-seven years of Barrio Latoria, Melchor De Mencos, Peten

The motive for the execution style murders is believed to be drug related. Inspector Gonzales told us what was found at the murder scene.

Insp. Jaime Gonzalez: At the scene we found four expended shells and two slugs. This morning, we made checks at the surveillance system at the Belize Border Management Authority at the western border and it is showing that these two persons crossed the border sometime around seven-thirty a.m. Because of what we saw at the scene, it indicates that these persons were killed sometime around midday or before. As how I mentioned, the observation at the scene

The Guatemalan consul was informed as San Ignacio Police investigates. vlcsnap-2016-05-03-11h36m57s112

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