Update on Bladden Accident which kills 3 year Old

vlcsnap-2017-12-18-17h40m36s305On Tuesday, we reported on the death of 3 year old Darren Sanchez. He died as the result of a traffic accident in which his father, 34 year old Jose Sanchez, was the driver. The incident happened on the 12th of December in Bladden Village in the Toledo District. Sanchez was driving a red Isuzu Rodeo who at the time was accompanied by his family, 10 year old Naomi Sanchez, 7 year old Nadira Sanchez, 3 year old Darren Sanchez, and his 31 year old wife, Dianah Sanchez. His 3 year old child, Darren Sanchez died on impact, while everyone else received minor and major injuries to their heads and bodies. ACP Myvette says that Sanchez has been served a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

ACP Joseph Myvett, CIB

He has since been served with a Notice of Intended Persecution and urine samples were taken from him for analysis.

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