Update on Developments in Belmopan

In January earlier this year two contracts were signed under the banner of the Belize Road Safety Project for the construction of a roundabout at the Guanacaste Park junction – Lot 4A- and the complete uplift of the Belmopan Ring Road- Lot 4B . After fourteen days site measuring and the laying out plans works got underway in the latter part of February on Both Projects. Today we got an update on the ongoing works on Lot 4A which was awarded to RGB constructions Ltd.


Romel Burgess – Director RGB Constructionvlcsnap-2015-04-24-09h16m42s166

“Getting alignments, getting sidewalks getting the survey marks down, the definition of the project, creating drains so that when the rainy season comes in, no flooding is caused around this area.


Emmanuel Pech – Plus T.V Reporter

“What are some of the main features that this roundabout will have?”


Romel Burgess

“It will be a big roundabout. I think it is about 18m. For vehicular traffic  that flows both ways and also an entrance to the  gateway  to the city of Belmopan. It will be a very attractive roundabout and also the sidewalks that will be created and the bus stops we are doing also.”


Emmanuel Pech

“When do we start digging in the middle to build this roundabout?”


Romel Burgess

”As soon as we finish the box culvert that is to my right and putting it in. Then half of the roundabout … we will start ripping up  and start elevating the roundabout.  Then you will start seeing concrete in two or three weeks.”

The contractors are taking full advantage of the dry season to get in as much work done as possible however keeping their employees hydrated, especially during this heat wave is also a priority.


vlcsnap-2015-04-24-10h12m55s93Romel Burgess

“They can go in and get water and drink then come back. They also stop between 12 and 1.  It i
s not a working area that you will work from 12 to 12. You work from 7 to 12, you get a break and you cool off then come back to work. If anyone feels dehydrated or anything then you get water because it is hot – it gets very hot our here. We have water coolers at the site.


Pamela Scott is the Project Manager for the Belize Road Safety Project, she told us about the works being done on Lot 4B the contract for which was awarded to Belize Road Way Construction Ltd.


Pamela Scott – Project Manager, Belize Road Safety Projectvlcsnap-2015-04-24-09h29m53s138

“If you noted by Courts area coming into Belmopan, they have over the last two days, they were casting the sidewalks. They have cement path… in fact we walked on that this mornng and it feels very good. I feel much safer walking their now because it is elevated.. higher than the normal area where the vehicle passes. Besides that, they wull be working on fixing the portion for the bicycle riders. They have actually changed materials on the shoulders of the road and pretty soon you will see more work taking place in terms of the pavement of the road. The line markings will be coming soon but this is an eighteen month project so you won’t see the full development occurring by  next. We are progressing, step by step in different locations.”

Often when these high profile contracts are awarded there is always a level concern in the general public as to the quality of work, in this case however, according to program coordinator Pamela Scott, the contractors are meeting all the requirements.


Pamela Scott

“I must say that they are meeting all the necessary standards because we are doing the compaction test, the humidity test, they are doing testing on the material and that is being done on a weekly basis. It is a high investment in the type of testing that they need to done but I believe that it is worth the investment. If the foundation is well built, then we will have something that is durable for many years to come. “


Lot 4 A was signed at a total of $1.9 million dollars and Lot 4B was signed at total of $6.1 million dollars. Both projects are expected to be completed sometime between August and October of 2017.


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