Update on Roaring Creek Shooting

Supt. Howell Gillett also updated on the shooting incident that occurred on Sunday March 4th in the Hattiville Area,  Roaring Creek Village that left two persons in the hospital receiving treatment for gunshot injuries. Initial reports were that on Sunday, some minutes after 4:00 pm, while two families were relavlcsnap-2015-03-12-11h36m01s204xing outside in their yard, a gun man wearing a stockings over his face approached the hill top and fired several shots in their direction, injuring 21 year old Barington Mora Jr. and 44 year old Maxine Neal, both residents of Roaring Creek Village. We attempted to schedule an interview with Supt. Gillett yesterday and we tried again today but to no avail. However as we told you, our colleagues at Love FM managed to get an interview with him late yesterday evening and here is what he told them in relation to this latest shooting incident.

Supt. Howell Gillett Officer in Command of the Belmopan Police Stationvlcsnap-2015-02-04-04h53m48s83

“Both were transferred to the Western Regional Hospital. Mrs. Neal is listed in a stable condition, while Mr. Mora was transferred to a medical institution in Belize City, for farther treatment. Today, three persons have been detained, pending investigations… as well as two 9mm expended shells were recovered from the scene. Also, a motor vehicle was impounded pending our investigation. In an effort  to curve the current situation,   we have stepped up our patrols, especially in the affected areas of Roaring Creek.  In addition, we will be meeting with all the church and community leaders from this area to come up with a comprehensive plan to address the current situation. “

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