Upgrading taking place within Placencia Police sub-formation

Some upgrading has been taking place within the Placencia Police sub-formation.

Inspector Mark Flowers:
vlcsnap-2013-04-02-20h33m44s64It is certainly different from what it was. With the arrival of all those visitors I’m certain that it was noticed that the Police Station has been freshly painted.  There’s been an expansion, and there’s more expansion taking place.  This is done to accommodate the increase in staff.  So there are office spaces that are now being built.  We’re building a new cell block, because the existing ones are too small and they are inside the Police Station, which takes away from the security of the Police.  We can’t discuss inside there without prisoners hearing everything that we are planning.  So we are building the cell blacks away from the Police Station.  We are converting the existing cell blacks into office space and a kitchenette.  We’ve pointed, given it a face-life.  As soon as that is finished, we’ll have four additional rooms for barracks, so we’ll accommodate more officers, and that is in keeping with the Ministry’s plans and the Commissioner’s directive to increase numbers here.

We note that there has been a major boost in the number of police officers on the peninsula since July of last year, when it was first upgraded to a sub-formation. There were twelve police officers at that time, that number has grown to thirty one.

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