US ambassador says Errol Elrington case will be handled according to law

Switching gears to a more recent topic, we asked Ambassador Moreno to wade in on the matter concerning Dr. Errol Elrington, who is listed by United States Office of Inspector General (OIG) as being among the top ten most wanted Health fugitives. According to the Ambassador, Carlos Moreno, he is of the same opinion as the Prime Minister who had previously stated in a press conference dated July 30th 2014 that Elrington’s being one of the most wanted fugitives according to OIG has nothing to do with the Government.

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-06h50m20s130Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“The issue assumes greater than usual prominence, because this is the brother of a Minister.

Doctor Elrington’s struggles have nothing to do with Minister Elrington, except from the point of view that this is his brother, and so has nothing to do with the Government of Belize.”


vlcsnap-2014-08-15-06h31m18s107Likewise, Ambassador Moreno refused commenting any further other than to say that the rule of law will prevail. He also expressed his confidence in the rule of law of the United States which he says strictly advocates the principle of being innocent until proven guilty, without a doubt. We also asked if the United states intends to submit a request to extradite Dr. Errol Elrington who is believed to be “seeking refuge in Belize.” However we were informed that this would be a matter for the United States Department of Health and Human Services to determine, but maintained that if it came to that then they would follow through with “the Rule of Law”.

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