US Embassy hoists LGBT flag in Belize

The United States of America continues to promote the LGBT agenda in other nations that have not openly embraced the lifestyle as morally acceptable. Since the arrival of the US Ambassador to Belize, Carlos Moreno, he has made it clear that this promotion was part of his mandate; despite laws in Belize that define sodomy as an illegal act against the law of nature.  Today, Thursday, June 23rd , on the US Embassy compound, a rainbow flag was raised alongside the American flag in commemoration of LGBT Pride Month. Members of the Belizean LGBT community were invited to attend the event and the media was also invited to ask questions about the commemoration of LGBT Pride month.  While all that was happening on US grounds, technically; on Belizean soil, outside the compound, there was a group of persons praying against the embracing of the homosexual lifestyle in this country. Present among those praying was the President of the National Evangelical Association of Belize, Pastor Lance Lewis. He spoke to the media saying why he saw it as important for them to be out there this morning praying.

Pastor Lance Lewis, President of the National Evangelical  Association

“It’s important because we’ve never seen this type of situation in our country where a country is hoisting a gay flag. It’s on their Embassy butvlcsnap-2016-06-24-15h12m46s098 it’s in the nation of Belize. The United States flag is the flag we recognize and for this to be put up because of a shooting that took place in America. In Belize it is sad, it is an agenda being pushed to get this country to bow to America in terms of  LGBT. Years ago children were killed and not even the American flag was flown at half mast. This now shows a definite agenda to get this country to bow to the United States. We are saying that we are not for this. This is bringing judgment on  the nation that promotes it. It will also bring in judgment on the President that promotes it and we do not want God’s judgment on our nation. We see this as an abomination and we pray that God’s grace will prevail  and we will stand up and say that enough is enough. We will say God save us and our children from the sin in the name of Jesus Christ.”


Pastor Scott Stirm is no stranger in the fight against decriminalizing sodomy in the nation. He has been very vocal in his views on the biblical teachings against the practice of homosexuality and was also present this morning with the group of those praying. He is also the Vice President of the National Evangelical Association of Belize.

Pastor Scott Stirm, VicePresident of the National Evangelical  Association

” It is a very sad day for the country of Belize as well as the United states. I think the Founding Fathers of United States, if they could, would be vlcsnap-2016-06-24-15h16m00s274rolling over in their graves. It is a global agenda that the United States is pushing homosexuality all over the world. Why can’t they push for Godly Moralities and Family Values? I cannot ever recall seeing another flag flying on the same flag pole with the American Flag. Many times they might fly another flag on a separate flag pole, but on the same flag pole? It’s an abomination to the living God and it’s an abomination to the founding core of the United States.”


Another prayer participant this morning also shard why he made sure to be a part of this morning’s prayer session.

Kerm Timbrel,Prayer Participant

“We believe that the people of this country strongly reject this agenda that is being pushed  out rightly by the United States and their President.vlcsnap-2016-06-24-15h16m56s569 We firmly believe that this is wrong because Section 53 still stands to this day of the criminal code and here they are pushing an agenda not just within the confines of their wall. Recently, they have just endorsed a second homosexual organization and the agenda goes far beyond these walls. These guys have an outright agenda to push these things regardless of what we as a nation stand for. They just want to have their way. It’s illegal, it’s bullying and it’s wrong. People reject it and we want to send a very clear message this morning.”


As we said, there were only 6 persons present for prayer this morning. Pastor Lance was asked about the small turnout.

Pastor Lance Lewis, President of the National Evangelical  Association

” We just decide on this yesterday and some people are a little bit timid because they say it is in front of the United States Embassy and police will come. We passed here last night and we saw some barricades so some people might say that they don’t want to get entangled with the police and anything that will affect us as Christians, we have to die for the faith but some people choose not to come. A good number of people were praying last night in the midst of the rain, all through the night , at churches and they are praying along with us now. We are just a fraction of the numbers because a lot of people are praying but we just came to the forefront”.


 And what about the accusations of “hate”? Those who stand on Biblical teachings on the practice of homosexuality are often accused of  promoting hate. NEAB President Lance Lewis says nothing could be further from the truth.

Pastor Lance Lewis, President of the National Evangelical  Association

  ” I am not giving hate.  For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. So if these people repent, God will take them and clean them up. We are not spreading hate; we are just calling a spade a spade. When things go wrong God did not just pat the man’s back and said that everything is okay. They call things wrong and they made serious judgments against the wrong that was done.”

On May 31st 2016, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, proclaimed June 2016 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month in that country.

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