US Embassy is Examining Contracting Procedures

The US Embassy issued a press release on the building of the Coast Guard facility on Harvest Caye, and the fact that Guatemalans have been contracted to do the work.

The release says that- “The goal of the U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) is to support the Belizean military and people so that the United States and Belize can continue to work closely together in strengthening maritime security interests that affect both countries.

In consideration of our strong U.S.-Belize partnership, USSOUTHCOM and the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan are currently examining the contracting procedures and construction efforts underway to address Government of Belize concerns…..The bidding process for these infrastructure projects is transparent and open to a pool of international contractors under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Central America “Multiple Award Task Order Contracts” (MATOCS).

The Army Corps of Engineers grants the contract to the company assessed to provide the best product at the most reasonable cost as is the custom with contract bidding. … For this project, the Guatemalan company Bonatti Ingenieros y Arquitectos Sociedad was assessed as the most qualified based on the selection criteria.  Contract award processes are codified in U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulations.

The San Pedro FOB, also constructed by Bonatti Ingenieros y Arquitectos Sociedad, has had a tremendous positive impact on the ability of the Belize Coast Guard to project power and sustain operations in littoral waters, saving Belizean resources and providing sailors with a comfortable, safe and long-lasting platform from which to operate daily.”

The release ends by saying that “The Hunting Caye FOB will do the same for the Belize Coast Guard.”

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