US Embassy to fly LGBT Flag on June 23rd


In other LGBT news, the U.S. Embassy in Belize announced that it will be hosting a Flag Raising Ceremony in commemoration of LGBT Pride Month on Thursday, June 23rd at 10 a.m. at the Belmopan Embassy. In Jamaica, a similar event did not go unnoticed when Jamaican Attorney General Marlene Forte condemned the U.S. Embassy in Kingston for flying the rainbow flag in solidarity with victims of a mass shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando. She originally said:  “… I find it disrespectful of Jamaica’s laws to have rainbow flag flown here.” One local senator had responded that  “The US Government will be surprised that the Attorney General of Jamaica does not know that the land on which the Embassy is built or located is regarded as a part of US soil. They are free to do as they wish there.” Though on the back burner of public discourse for a few years in Belize, the LGBT issue has been returning front and center with the recent death of Porfelio “Vanessa Champagne Paris” Rodriguez, the CCJ ruling against Maurice Thomlinson , the announcement of a ruling on the Caleb Orosco case in a few weeks, and the launch of a new self described “Lesbian group” called PETALS. US Ambassador to Belize told the media that the group is poised to obtain US tax dollars via Government Funding to carry out its advocacy in Belize.

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