US Homeland Security Investigating Belize Police?

The reputation of the Belize Police Department is once again being brought into question. Channel seven news has reportedly seen an incriminating watch list with names of senior and lower rank officers of the police department being circulated by the US Department of Homeland Security.  The list purportedly contains over 50 police officers suspected of various crimes including money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and transnational crime. This list is reportedly broken down into high and medium priority persons and has been sent to all entry points in the US. Channel 7 says that details reveal four assistant commissioners of police and five senior superintendents on the list. Public trust in the Police department could reach an all time low if such a list proves to be authentic. CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs George Lovell told Channel 7 that he knows nothing about the list and it could possibly be concocted. Plus News has not received this list that has been reported on.

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