US Military Medical Mission conducting free medical service

vlcsnap-2013-04-05-19h21m06s93The US Military Medical Mission will be in Belize conducting free medical service. The team of US and Canadian medical professionals will provide general services such as pediatrics, dermatology, optometry, women’s health and dentistry. And they will begin their tour in Toledo in the next coming week. On Monday and Tuesday, they will be at the Punta Gorda Methodist School from 8am to 4 in the evening. And on Wednesday and Thursday at the San Pedro Columbia School, again from 8 to 4. Since these are school days, the Ministry of Education is informing parents and students of the two schools that there will be no classes on their respective scheduled dates. However, Standard VI students of the PG Methodist are asked to report to classes as per normal. The team will then go to the Stann Creek District, but we will inform you of those dates and venues next week.

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