US Missionaries plan to return despite injuries after attempted robbery

vlcsnap-2013-08-08-13h43m11s91“We’re going back to Belize. There’s no doubt in my mind about that,” – these are the words of the US missionary who he and his wife narrowly escaped death a couple weeks ago. What was supposed to be an ordinary trip to their home in Valley of Peace turned into a nightmarish night, one that left Dan Weaver injured and his wife Vicki Weaver fighting for her life. In June of this year, the couple was travelling on the Valley of Peace Road and as they approached the Banana Bank Bridge, two men signaled them to stop. Speaking with American media after the incident, Dan stated that he was quickly alarmed and kept repeating the phrase he tells every visitor who journeys on that road – “Whatever you see on that jungle road, you don’t stop.” And so he didn’t stop, but stepped on the pedal to make a fast break out of the area and that was when one of the men fired shots hitting the windshield of the Weaver’s truck. He lost control of the vehicle and ran off the road into the creek below. Dan who was wearing his seatbelt, received minor injuries; however, Vicki, who had only just remove her buckle due to stomach discomfort was knocked unconscious and suffered broken limbs.  After receiving treatment in Belize City, she was flown to Florida where she remained in intensive care for the following weeks. Speaking with Altoona News, her sister Susie Urich gave update on Vicki’s health status.

Susie Urich:

vlcsnap-2013-08-08-13h44m58s155She’s got a long road of recovery, due to her hitting her head and lack of oxygen from almost drowning.  She’s got a traumatic brain injury.  It’s going to be probably months to years for a recovery, going through occupational and physical therapy, and speech therapy.  It required a Leer Jet and medical personnel.  From what I understand it was 50 thousand dollars to get her just to the United States.



vlcsnap-2013-08-08-13h44m00s79Vicki is scheduled to be transferred to Missouri where the Baptist Bible Fellowship International will make accommodations for her as she continues rehabilitation. The couple plans to return to Valley Peace as soon as possible.

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