US team offers medical expertise and the Gospel

vlcsnap-2014-06-19-10h07m53s145A team of Christian doctors, nurses, dentists, and paediatricians are in Belize this week to provide free medical services, medication and spiritual guidance to the general public. The group called Shine is a team made up of a group of professionals and other volunteers from various cities in the US united under the same church- the Church of God Seventh Day Adventist. The  Medical Director of Shine explained the importance of integrating medicine with the teachings of the church .

vlcsnap-2014-06-19-10h22m00s141vlcsnap-2014-06-19-09h36m41s93Eduardo Bermudes – Medical Director of Shine

“From cavities to dental extractions, to prevention and hygiene, and also this is all free.  we give medications as well.  It is very important to integrate the teachings of the church with the body of Christ.  First Corinthians, Chapter 6, [verses] 18 to 20 says, ‘The body is the Temple of the Lord.’ My body is the Temple, so I have to keep it holy.  Holy meaning no drugs, no alcohol, nothing except what God intends for us to eat.  at the same time we also [teach] prevention, so you can live a long and happy life.  that’s what Shine is all about, to promote a long healthy life, for the members in the church abroad, and all the people who want to come and see us.”

Six physicians, five dentists, and six nurses, pharmacists and other volunteers make up the team.

vlcsnap-2014-06-19-09h57m21s202vlcsnap-2014-06-19-09h37m49s21Deborah Crayton – Nurse, Member of Shine

“We’re her to triage, and prep the patients before they see the doctors, and we also get instructions from the doctors after, in the event that they need treatment, additional blood pressure [tests], [or] .”bandages.  Whatever they need, that’s what we do .”

vlcsnap-2014-06-19-10h01m21s12Alana Roper – Nurse, Member of Shine

“We’re here on a mission, and we’re providing spiritual care as well as medical care.  We assist the doctors, we triage the patients, we do blood pressure checks, and we give medication. We turn them over to the pastors for the spiritual part of it.  We have had a great turnout this morning, and we’re happy for that.  we’ve been trying to move the people through quickly. [and] it seems like it’s working very well.”

Pastor Rodli Blackwood of New Beginnings Church of God Seventh Day Adventist spoke to us about the role he plays in this group’s mission

vlcsnap-2014-06-19-10h10m27s147Pastor Rodli Blackwood -New Beginnings Church of God Seventh Day Adventist

“I am here helping out as a missionary in various departments, transportation, help in whatever area I can, and also for the spiritual need, I council and I pray with those who need prayer and counselling. The one in Cayo is going on tremendously well right now.  It’s well manned, and the one in Belmopan here is well manned.  As you can see for yourself, we are doing as best as we can, both doctors, nurses, dentists, workers, we’re all combining our efforts together to do a great job.”

The team will be at the Lion’s Center in Belmopan and Cayo for three days and plan to return home on the 23rd of the month.

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