US Visas cancelled erroneously by Immigration Department

The Department of Immigration is in quite a stir after human error accidently cancelled a valid US Visa in the recent weeks. According to reports,  a staff member at the Department of Immigration seriously messed up someone’s expiring passport. According to information, someone took in their Belizean Passport and US Visa to be renewed. In circumstances like this, the edges of the cover are clipped and the first five pages are stamped cancelling the papers; however, no other files should be stamped. In this particular situation, all papers were stamped including pages with the valid US Visa. The person has sought compensation from the department since that is roughly $320 dollars that has gone down the drain. However, the Department, we were told, is only offering a letter which they can give to the US Embassy. On Thursday we asked Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse to brief us on the matter. However he told us that he is not fully aware of the situation and therefore reserved any comments. Plus News understands that this is not the only valid visa that was cancelled within the month.

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