Utilities Union calls for GOB to appeal S53 decision

The Unions representing the workers of the three major utilities in Belize: that’s the Belize Communications Workers Union, The Belize Water Services Workers Union, and the Belize Energy Workers Union, have issued a strongly worded press release this evening, following today’s Evangelical Protest in Belmopan in regards to Government’s response to the Judgment against Section 53 of the Constitution of Belize.

The release says, “Governments are elected to office with the core responsibility of defending and preserving the rights and values of its citizens. This recent Judgment and the Government’s failure to react and respond in defence of its people clearly brings to light the fact that the ill will of a few are being forced down the collective throats of the masses in our society that we were led to believe was ruled through democracy.“

The release says that  Belizeans must not allow this Judgment to create the opportunity for any hidden agenda to become part of “a normal way of life”.   It reads, “..we, as tax paying citizens of this democratic nation, call on the Government to act on its citizens’ behalf. Simply stepping aside and shying away from their responsibility is a blatant disregard for the Belizean citizens; and slap in the face of all Belizeans whom have a firm belief in the true meaning and value of morality as taught in the Bible. It is in this context that we insist that the Government of Belize appeals this decision all the way to the highest court.“

The release also says that the unions are challenging the Government of the day to call a referendum to find out what the majority of the Belizean citizens really want.  The release says, “..we pledge our support to the Churches as they prepare to appeal the case through the courts, and we call upon all Belizeans to stand in solidarity in defense of our country’s moral values for our people and all the generations that will follow.”

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