Uwahnie Martinez leaves First Caribbean Bank in Dangriga

Employee of CIBC First Caribbean International Bank Uwahnie Martinez of Dangriga Town was scheduled to leave her post by her own choice as of October. But her last day on the job, after 14 years, turned out to be today.

She spent it meeting with superiors in Belize City, joined by representatives of the Christian Workers’ Union (CWU). She leaves with full benefits and a largely untarnished reputation, but many questions unanswered.

The Union expects further meetings with the Bank on issues related to Uwahnie Martinez, and reserves her rights to court action if needed. Speaking for the first time, Ms. Martinez herself says the Bank, and one former superior in particular, is at fault for her predicament. But the Bank itself is still conducting investigations, according to its Human Resources Manager Ella Hoyos who is based in Barbados, and is therefore in no position to speak on what it considers an internal matter.

She did comment on the matter of the proposed language policy, saying that the investigation so far conducted has found no evidence of illegal movement by the Bank, and neither discrimination, and that employees are expected to act professionally with all customers – including, if necessary, speaking with them in their preferred language.

That investigation expects to speak with other persons by the end of the next week, and a regular meeting with the Union representatives is scheduled for later this month which will discuss matters including this one.

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