UWI awards Climate Change Poster Competition winners

A high school poster competition, announced by the University of the West Indies (UWI) Belize Open Campus to design a poster communicating students’ representation of climate change and its impact on the community, has produced a winner.

Pedro Bernal of Ladyville Technical High School took the $300 first place prize for his representation of Belize’s natural resources, and the threat of their destruction due to climate change.

We spoke to him about his design.


vlcsnap-2014-10-28-10h34m22s169Pedro Bernal – Winner Poster Competition

“My painting is about climate change, and how we manipulate the world in a positive way or in a negative way. My poster is divided in two parts. The half is a positive, and the next half  is in a negative way. The positive way is all the beautiful [things], and the negative is all the disasters and stuff like that.”



“Talk  us more about the elements. I am interested in the Rubrics’ cube and the hands. Tell us more about the details or elements of the painting.”


Pedro Bernal

“The hands are moving the puzzle, like changing the world. And then the factories and everything in a negative way. [The] positive, everything is nice, and the animals of Belize.” 


Ladyville Technical High School receives a trophy.

2nd place went to Caitlyn Tillett of St. Catherine Academy; third to the students of Class 4A1 at Gwen Lizarraga High School; and fourth to Neeraj Pagarani of Belize High School.

The contest is being held in conjunction with the Belize Country Conference on Climate Change, being hosted by UWI and the Government of Belize, succeeding a conference held in 2010. With more here is the Head of UWI Open Campus Belize, Jane Bennett.


vlcsnap-2014-10-28-10h44m16s193Jane Bennett – Head of UWI Open Campus, Belize

“I want to say to our young people, this is your world. It’s our world.   You are our leaders today and tomorrow.  If you get this message that you must protect, conserve and preserve your environment, it’s for you and your children and grandchildren. 

So I think, once we get the message out there, the whole idea of the next two days of our getting together, [is] sharing information.  We are going to be hearing from Scientists in our country, the Ministries, NGOs, and environmentalists, who are already working in different ways, trying to preserve our natural resources.

We will have the everyday man and woman, who’s a farmer, a fisherman, or an entrepreneur, come and give their testimonials, as to how Climate Change is already impacting their shores, their crops, and so on.”


The University put out a call for papers on topics to be addressed at the conference including energy, agriculture and food security, water, health, tourism, education, and gender sensitivity, in relation to climate change. These will be presented and later published.

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