Vania Pat is new Queen of the West

vlcsnap-2013-09-04-12h56m26s241On Saturday August 31, at the Octavia Waight Center Hall the new Queen of the West was chosen. After weeks of preparation and long hours of rehearsals, the time to lay it all out on the table finally came, and though all 5 lovely delegates must be commended for their graceful stage presence, only one could be crowned Queen of the West 2013-2014. She is lovely Vania Pat of Succotz Village. She told the media the preparations she made that lead her to win this year’s Queen of the West Pageant

Vania Pat – Miss Queen of the West:

vlcsnap-2013-09-04-12h57m21s21I had to train very hard.  I had to be very dedicated to my things, like the questions I had to memorize them [very well]. [I had to] practice in front of my family, because like that I will be able to show my capacity, and the beauty, and the intelligence as well. 

I won the best costume and best talent.  Everybody just put their work together.  Everybody gave ideas.  From the internet we saw you-tube, and from right there we got ideas.  

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