Vehicle on fire at local Belmopan restaurant

Belmopan police are investigating a case of suspected arson. On Monday  June 19th at about 2 a.m., a loud bang was heard at Scotchies Restaurant and Bar located on the Hummingbird Highway in Belmopan.  After checks were made, a 2002 white Mitsubishi Montero SUV was found engulfed in flames.  According to police, the owner of the vehicle, 50-year-old Marisol Carasco, manager of Scotches restaurant and bar,  parked her Montero SUV in the compound at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday 18th June 2017 and did not use it thereafter. She was awakened by the loud noise from outside her house and found her car on fire. Police are investigating. vlcsnap-00105 vlcsnap-00106

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