Vehicle reversed on 2 year old; child dies

A 2 year old is dead after she was run over by a vehicle. On Saturday 27th January at about 4 p.m., 30 year old Finance Officer Elba Cruz was reversing her grey Ford Escape in a yard in Teakettle Village, Cayo District. While reversing,  she  accidentally ran over  2 year  Sophy Reyes. We spoke to the child’s father, 42 year old Clifford Reyes, who told us what happened.

Clifford Reyes, Father

Yesterday after 4:00 p.m. I was at my father’s house repairing my truck. I got through with it and I was short of some oil. A few minutes before 4 my brother was at the Chinese shop. I called him and I asked him to bring a gallon of oil for me. About 10 minutes after, I saw his common law come and blow her horn because we were under the house. It was also my mom’s birthday and we were preparing for the following day. She lifted the gallon of oil through the glass. I went out to her, picked up the gallon of oil from her, asked her how much, and she told me over $30.00. I passed in front of her vehicle and went to my truck, opened my truck door And I was trying to get her money for her. But I did not have enough change and I told her I only had $50 bill. She said OK I will go to my mom and when I return I will get it. I told her bring change. She drove off slowly. I still had my buck turned when I heard motorcycle horns and when I looked 2 motorcycles stopped her. when I turned around I saw the motorcycles and I saw what the men were telling her. “You knocked down a little girl.” And when I looked on the ground I saw it was my daughter because I know what clothing she had on. I ran to pick up my daughter but blood was coming through her mouth, [and] through her nose. I kissed her. I cried. I ran back to my truck with my baby. Everyone that was under the house ran out to see what it was. We got into my dad’s van and we went to the hospital. But when we arrived there the doctors did what they could but within 5 minutes they pronounced her dead.

Police have not indicated if any charges will be pressed against Cruz .

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