Vehicle stolen midday from Angelus Press Parking lot

vlcsnap-2016-06-10-13h54m52s982A vehicle was stolen in the middle of the day from the parking lot of Angelus Press in BelmopanIt is a grey forerunner with license plate # 3536.. The owner of the vehicle,  Andrew Williams, told us what happened.vlcsnap-2016-06-10-13h53m19s987

Andrew Williams, Victim of Car Theft: What happened is at about 12:12 this afternoon I got a phone call from somebody asking me to do a survey for them, they know that that’s what I do for a living and they said they wanted a survey done in Cayo. That said they got my number from somebody at the Land’s Department, this is obviously someone who knows me and knows what I do for a living. THey asked me to meet them at Caladium Restaurant. I went to Caladium, but I knew there wasn’t any parking there so I parked in front of Angelus  and I walked through the little alley way in the back which is about a 30 second walk. The footage shows that as I walked and went in there about 5 seconds after I disappeared, the individual walked and walked straight to my vehicle, but the individual knew where all the security cameras were because as they passed the eye level camera they turned their head, and when they got to the area where the overhead camera was, they covered their head with a backpack they had. He told me his name was Richard, I walked into Caladium and asked for Richard and no one answered, so I walked out feeling annoyed. I walk to vehicle and by the time I got to the vehicle the car was gone and the footage showed that it took him less than 10 seconds to take off with the car, they obviously had a key, how they got a key? I don’t know.vlcsnap-2016-06-10-14h00m11s099

Williams says, while the man’s face was not clearly seen, his walk was distinct and may be easily recognized by persons who know him.

Andrew Williams, Victim of Car Theft: On the video it shows a Hispanic individual about 5’10, 180. He’s a very robust guy in the chest but I’d say he’s about 5’10 wearing a dark color 3 quarter short. I’d say he’s about in his late 20’s to early 30’s. Not long hair he has short hair, he is a very dark complexion Hispanic male person.

Williams says he has since found out that a number of Toyota vehicles have been stolen from the Belmopan area and advices owners of such vehicles to be wary. Police are investigating.

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