Victim of RTA Seeks Public Assistance

A family in Orange Walk needs your help after a traffic accident left their loved one in a comma. The incident happened on Friday May 22nd sometime around 5:30 pm on the San Antonio Road. Erasmo Solis, a resident of Yo Creek Village, was driving a gold Nissan espera. He had dropped off his father at his farm somewhere between Yo Creek and San Antonio and was heading to another farm in the direction of Yo Creek when he apparently lost control of his vehicle and flipped several times. He went into a comma and has not recovered since. Erasmo is currently under intensive care at the Medical Health care partners in Belize City.

Emanuel Pech – Plus TV Reporter
“What is the condition of your brother right now?”


Abraham Solis  – Brother of Road Traffic Accident Victimvlcsnap-2015-05-27-11h23m51s8“He is very critial. He has undergone a brain surgery because his skull was fractured and he had some blood in his skull too.  He was showing some improvement but now he drastically went down again. In the next hours he will be in surgery again. We need blood urgently. My brother works at BSFA and a lot of people know him. We really need  the help of the people out there. We have been looking around and friends have came in top show support but we need more. he has lost like four and a quarter liters of blood and now we need more blood. We don’t have much O positive blood. It is scares and rare so I am really asking for the publics support in this situation right now.”


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