Village Council Elections begin

The Village Council Elections got underway this weekend. The elections are held every three years and in the first round, which took place on Sunday, over 44 villages cast their votes at the polls. Earlier this month, we sat down with Ernest Banner, Coordinator for Rural Development to discuss numerous matters, one of which was the Village Council Elections.

Ernest Banner – Coordinator for Rural Development:
vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h08m56s64The Village Council Elections will start on the 12th of May and will run into June.  Every Sunday there’ll be elections in the different villages countrywide. It will be very competitive.  What we are trying to do, we are trying to go out and educate the people in: What are the rules of Village Councils? What are their duties and responsibilities?  Because we want people to be educated that what they are getting into they know, because many times we have different ideas of what we are getting into.  So we’re in the process of doing an education countrywide in different communities.

Here are some highlights of the elections in Blackman Eddy and Unitedville, as well as comments from candidates.

Mike Juan – Chairperson of Unitedville:
vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h09m10s196I want to say thanks to all my villagers that came out in full to support me.  I love my village.  That’s why today they came out in full to support me.  I’ll always be with my village 24/7.
I will join Cayo South in full.  I’ll go there in full to support all my villagers in Cayo South.

Yolanda Molina – Chariperson of Blackman Eddy:
vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h09m45s40I feel very happy because i wanted to win. I want to upgrade the village.
My priority is the youths. We want to work along with them. 

The Peoples United Party in a press release today says that it endorsed and supported the elections in 28 of the 44  communities which had village council elections over this weekend. Ten of those communities went with a full PUP village council.  Some 8 of those 24 communities were split, and a majority of the winning candidates from 5 of these communities are either supported by the PUP or have Chairpersons endorsed by the PUP, according to the party’s release. The elections will continue on the next following Sundays, leading up to June 9th. And what happens after the elections are over?

Ernest Banner – Coordinator for Rural Development:
After election they have seven days to either protest the result or whatsoever.  After that seven days expires, then we at the Ministry of Rural Development, we go and sware them in.  After we sware them in then we have training on the village Council Act and the different legislation, and how they should function.

In total, 191 communities will take place in the Village Council Elections.

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