VIP calls for resignation of Minister of Immigration

VIPvlcsnap-2013-10-09-08h18m16s120While the call for Elvin Penner’s resignation has been heard from various sectors, on Tuesday, Vision Inspired by the People made a rather bold move – calling for the resignation of Minister of Immigration the Hon. Godwin Hulse. Hulse. Now Minister Hulse has not shied away from media interrogation and he has sworn categorically that there will be no attempt to cover-up any wrong doing during the course of the Ministry’s investigation. But the VIP says, Minister Hulse should also resign.   Bobby Lopez is the Public Relations Officer for the VIP.


Bobby Lopez- Officer of Public Relations of the Vision Inspired by the People

vlcsnap-2013-10-09-08h24m35s54 “And I quote from Mr. Hulse’s very words.   He wrote the document on 2008 on reform.   And within that document, he says that the Government or the party cannot be expected to police or audit itself.   And so, now that he finds himself in that party or in a party, of course he refers as our Government as a one party role, not a as a two party, we’re saying, he needs to live by his own Bible by what he believes because he’s been the champion for reform for several years and so, while we see what is transpiring at the Ministry, we feel that he should do the right thing and resign from that portfolio, you know?   He holds several portfolios.   And we’re saying, that particular portfolio that is under scrutiny under his administration, he needs to pull himself out because he can’t be there being part of the same investigation because he is there.   He is a substantive Minister in that Ministry.   So, ultimately, we the people of Belize, the voters, the residents of Belize, hold him responsible, not Mr. Penner.   He is responsible!   And there are so many unanswered questions, you know?   So, we feel that he needs to absent himself until such time that all of this is clear and then he can come back on board if the Prime Minister so sees fit.   Now, what we’re saying that if he fails to resign, then we’re calling on the Prime Minister to do the right thing.”

In its press release, the VIP also joins Senator the Hon. Lisa Shoman in requesting that the Senate launch an independent investigation at the Ministry of Immigration.

Bobby Lopez

“This brings into serious question, the validity, and the integrity of our nationality powers-process and also the integrity of our passport because it’s going to be scrutinized everything you leave to go into a port of entry somewhere in this world; they are going to look at Belizean passports with extra scrutiny to see if it’s a pig, if you’re rightfully holding this thing, and all of us will have repercussions of such a move.   And so, to reestablish and to gain back that integrity for the Barrow administration and for our passport and Nationality, I think that the right thing to do is to absent himself.   And that’s why we’ve called on the Senate because the Senate does have investigative powers.   They can initiate this investigation and carry on a thorough transparent audit…and we’re calling for not just on the last few months.   We’re saying twenty four months.   We’ve had this administration for eighteen months already…nineteen months”.

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