VIP calls on Government to sign UN Convention Against Corruption

UNThe nation has been rocked by back to back scandals in the past few months and while Government may be trying to right the wrongs of those who pollute the system, many are saying that more can and must be done to protect the integrity of our governance. The Vision Inspired by the People is calling on the Barrow administration to sign on to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption a legally binding international anti-corruption act obliging countries to implement a wide and detailed range of anti-corruption measures affecting their laws, institutions and practices. The UNCAC was adopted by the General Assembly of the UN in 2003 and has the participation of over 160 parties. And though Belize is member of the UN, we have yet to sign on the anti-corruption crusade. In light of the recent indication of multiplied corruption, the VIP says it is high time that Belize join the convention.

Bobby Lopez- Public Relations Officer of the VIP

vlcsnap-2013-10-07-08h06m59s52“It is high time, and I am calling on the people of Belize to join us on December the 9th; International Anti-corruption Day observed by the United Nations and over a hundred and eighty something countries around the world, of which Belize is a member, but yet today, ten years later after that Convention was ratified, refuses to sign the International Anticorruption Convention.   Minister, Prime Minister Barrow, please, this corruption is giving us a black eye, and that is a miss’…no…e, I don’t even like using this anymore because it is a disgrace!   We need to clean up this country”.

Bobby Lopez made a public plea to Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow to hold fast to his commitment and stance against corruption, upon entering office.

Bobby Lopez

“Prime Minister, I will hold you to your words: You said before you were elected that you would leave no stone unturned to fight corruption, including the partnering with International Partners to find, and to bring in to justice any person involved in corruption.    Of course, when you were in the Opposition, you referred to the P. U. P.   Now, your own Ministers, your own elected representatives are involved in terrible corruption of international scale and repercussions.  We call on you to leave no stone unturned.   If they have to, then they have to go, not just out of  Cabinet, but out of their constituency and out of representing the people because they are a disgrace”.

Anti-corruption day will be observed pn December 9th.

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