VIP concerned with lack of Integrity Reports

Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) has another issue to hash out and that is the Integrity Reports – or an unflattering lack thereof. Public Relations Officer for VIP Bobby Lopez tells us more.

Mr. Robert Lopez- Officer of Public Relations of the VIP

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-12h16m21s232“The law says that that on an annual basis, every elected person, town, city, national government, Senate, including the Speaker (and when you add up those, it’s 111 persons, are supposed to annually disclosed their finances, their income, their liabilities, their assets for themselves, their wives and their children.   We wanted to see if…first of all, it was all to see if Penner has disclosed as the law requires under the Corruption in Public Office Act.   And what we are…we were not able to find much because there’s only one report, and that’s the last report that was ever done in 2010.   And that disclosure was for the Hon. Carlos Perdomo, and so, it shows us that one person…one elected person out of a hundred and eleven that are supposed to disclose, have not disclosed, probably, since the UDP took office in 2008 because, actually, Mr. Perdomo’s disclosure was for 2008…and that was the last one filed in 2010”.

In accordance with law, says Boby Lopez, elected officials who fail to publish their finances and assets, as well as those of their families are liable to punishment.

Mr. Robert Lopez

“This is a law that comes with a penalty in the first instance, of $3,000, a penalty of $100 per day, okay?   I did the math:   So, every person elected person owes $39,500 for very year that they fail and when I did the math in a five year term, they owe over $300, 000!   Figure it out from 1994 I would want an audit to be done and a report showing all the elected persons since 1994, who all disclosed and who all still owe because, there is no statute of limitations on that.   That is like a tax; that is like a penalty.   So, you owe that!  You owe that! But who’s going to collect?  The PUP won’t collect from the UDP and the UDP won’t collect from the PUP, because they are both in their together.   They both have squirted around this law, it is law!   It is like, thou shall not steal!”

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