VIP Court Challenge of the Elections and Boundaries

Often during these times when elections are so close at hand suspicions of political manipulation of the voter count start surfacing. One third party has already taken one objection to the courts and lost, to their admitted surprise.
On Thursday VIP (Vision Inspired by the People) sent out a press release informing the public that on Thursday November 12th they appeared at the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court along with the Elections and Boundaries Department, Belmopan Branch.
Their objection was the inclusion of 87 names on the voters list for the Belmopan division which, according to the VIP, were registered improperly.
The press release states that, “The basis of the objection was and is that the address given on the voter’s list for the persons objected was not complete as the house number was not stated even though since 2006, all of the houses in capital City of Belmopan had been numbered and all of the persons who were objected to had registered after that time and some even as recently as 2012.”
According to VIP despite all evidence submitted against the Elections and Boundaries Department including a map showing the streets and numbering system that has been used in Belmopan since 2006, Magistrate Aretha Ford on Thursday last week ruled in favor of the Elections and Boundaries, saying that they were empowered to register these persons and to keep their names on the voter’s roll.
According to VIP, if, “Left to stand as is, the voter’s list can be compromised by unscrupulous persons for political gain.”
The Press release ended by calling on the Government and the opposition to address the matter with a sense of urgency saying that, “VIP believes that significant improvements can be made to the voters list by the adoption of an updated and proactive approach to the voter registration process. This must be complimented with a full voter re registration exercise which was due in every ten years but has not taken place since the year 1997 with the agreement of both major political parties.”

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