VIP discusses political strategy ahead of elections

The two major political parties have by and large selected their 31 candidates for the upcoming general elections. There is also a proliferation of third parties or “alternative political movements” such as Vision Inspired by the People (VIP). Party chairman Hubert Enriquez today called on Belizeans to be vigilant.


Hubert Enriquez, Chairman of VIP  – “It is critical because it is the people of Belize who are going to be affected, who are govlcsnap-2015-07-23-11h17m04s210ing to bear the burden of for instance, relocating from one community to the other or on the other hand, of the coming Guatemalan citizens, this is an area which we find has been very lacking. People need to know what the situation is going to be in the worst case scenario so that when they go to vote, all of these factors will be brought to bear, if and when a referendum is taken on the matter of going to the ICJ.”


Patrick Rogers says that VIP, for its part, is concentrating more on developing and presenting its message. While it has not abandoned the electoral process, it wants to bring change from without as much as within.


Patrick Rogers, Executive Member of VIP “So we feel we are contributing greatly to our nations young democracy by introducing into the discourse, things that red and blue don’t want to talk about but we don’t let it go and we keep at it and at one point one of themvlcsnap-2015-07-23-11h22m16s2 play politics with it and bite onto it and you know what, thank you – Belize win. Because it’s not about us winning, we are already winners here – we nuh lose when we go da di election. We know that we are winners, we are standing up to a system that is not serving our people and at some point everything weh baan under di sun die under di sun – red and blue wah die under the sun. So our voice will seem prophetic for having called in the death of those parties weh nuh di serve our people.”



he VIP’s best electoral performance was second place in the Belmopan City Council election in March of 2006, where it defeated the PUP but lost to the UDP. VIP also continues to work with other smaller parties under the Belize Unity Alliance.

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