VIP NOT a part of new third party amalgamation

vlcsnap-2015-09-23-19h35m15s42Yesterday it was announced that a new “third” party is to be formed as part of the amalgamation of existing third parties, including the Vision Inspired by the People. However, we must make a correction to that story. Vision Inspired by the People is NOT a part of the new venture. Rather,  according to Charles Leslie, it is former members of the Vision Inspired by the People- namely Bobby Lopez, Patrick Rogers and Paco Smith- who are joining this venture and not the collective VIP body. In fact, in an email sent to Charles Leslie and copied to us by VIP Party Chairman Paul Morgan, it states, and we quote,

“Please be informed that the VIP Belmopan Constituency, which is the only VIP constituency that is properly constituted, is not a part of this new venture you now promote.  While the VIP is supportive of the formation of one formidable third political option for Belize, we believe that there is a right process to do so and that process has not taken place.”

Again, we clarify  that it is only former VIP members and not the VIP constituency which is forming  a part of the amalgamated party and we apologize for  the confusion. Now as reported yesterday, this new political party is being lead by pro-tempt Party Leader Patrick Rogers and vlcsnap-2015-09-23-19h34m43s234Deputy Pro-tempt party leader Wil Mehia but it is only the backbone of the vision these political aspirants have. For starters, they don’t have a name as yet. In the spirit of what is to become part of their national policy of an all inclusive party that operates from the bottom up, this new political party is turning to the people to help them come up with a name. Public Relations Officer for the newly formed party, Charles Leslie, tells us more.

Charles Leslie P.R New Party: We did a competition. The competition is called, “What would your name a new Belize Political Party?” You can participate via email. You can send in your recommended name to or you can go to facebook at and you can just comment with a name and give a brief summary of why you recommend the name. The competition will end on Friday midnight, and then we will then choose 10 names, and out of those names we will then have a voting and people will be able to vote for the name and then there will be a 100 dollar cash prize for the name that wins.  So we are encouraging Belizeans at home and abroad to please participate. We want you guys to be a part of this
process in growing this new political party in Belize and a part of that process is having you guys be involved in naming this party.

According to Leslie, the winner of this name-your-new-Belize-Political-Party competition will be further invited to partake in other aspects of the party development; including coming up with the colors, a flag and a symbol. The deadline to submit your entries is at midnight on Friday September 25th. The top ten entries will be posted on facebook on Saturday for voting.

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