VIP says they will support Recall of Elvin Penner

vlcsnap-2013-09-30-08h21m50s106Much has been said about the recent passport scandal involving former Minister Elvin Penner. The Prime Minister had acted quickly after receiving information of Mr Penner’s involvement from INTERPOL, and fired Elvin Penner as Junior Minister. But calls for a criminal investigation have intensified from various sectors of society. Yet so far, there seems to be no going in that direction. And while there is a call for criminal charges, there is also a call for his resignation. On Wednesday, the PUP officially called for his resignation to be done by Monday of next week, by 5 pm on October 7. He was given an ultimatum; resign or face recall. On Thursday, the  VIP joined its voice in calling for a recall. In a press release, VIP says that it, “….supports a petition to recall a member of the House of Representatives for the Cayo Northeast and is interviewing potential candidates of good standing…… The VIP calls on all Belizeans to use this opportunity to test the Recall of Elected Representatives Act, 2010 and to bring about real and lasting change to our political governance by breaking the two-party chokehold in our democracy. The VIP views this opportunity as a chance to change the course of history and the status quo that has plagued our present system. In adhering to our Direction, the VIP through this medium makes a special call for potential women candidates to partake in recall election to represent Cayo Northeast.”  We have been told that Elvin Penner, after consulting with cabinet, will not be resigning and may very well face a recall of his seat.

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